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About Us

Suburban HomeBuyers, LLC works with all homeowners that find themselves in a position where they need to sell their homes quickly. We specialize in crafting solutions that are win-win with each client to make certain all parties feel great about the transaction. Our company was formed after many different parties have asked us to purchase their home, while we were working in their neighborhoods on another project. 

Let our experience work for you. Call us to see how we can help you sell your property now.


- the usual real estate agent paperwork.

- cleaning your home each time, and then leaving, before another agent comes by with their potential buyer.

- the inspector crawling all over your house for hours to locate problems you might never have known about,    (only to have you repair these problems prior to any sale).

- no signs or flyers in your yard alerting your neighbors to your asking price.

- possibly become one of the 20% of deals that fall apart before the closing. 

We make it easy for you...we buy houses in their existing condition, as-is, no repairs needed, no commissions due. In fact, no fees of any kind. We even pay for your closing costs! 

Call: 770-904-9370 today to discuss your situation, and ask us any questions. You'll be glad you did!